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Experience a whole new approach to personal training both in person and virtually. My clients have been so successful in their journeys. Hearing their stories is truly why I love doing what I do.

"Definitely the best coach ever!! Seeing the Change Im having physical and mentally is unbelievable. I cant express how thankful I am you being part of this journey."

Nilda Garcia, Business Owner

"Cristina is the best trainer ever!!! She is very profesional and her challenges are very very good!! Accountability is real!!! Home Workouts are easy but strong enough to make you sweat and be sore for next day. Food options  are awesome so is very easy to follow your meal plan!!"

Erika Antonio, Restaurant Manager

"Cristina is so passionate about fitness and Helping women find happiness and confidence! She has helped me reach so many fitness goals since starting with her. Although it has been  100% virtual, she checks in with me often and personalizes everything to my needs. I also have to add she’s the secret to building a great booty! My body has never looked better! So grateful to be her client!"

"Super happy I joined this challenge. Im actually learning a lot through this journey. Im freaking happy to keep going and bring out the best Daniela that was always meant to be on this earth. Happy and healthy!"

Daniela Rocha

Laura Mendiola, PA

"First of all, thank you so much! I feel awesome and this is just the beginning. I am very thankful for your advice and will for sure do the next challenge!"

"I can't wait to meet you either! You've literally changed my life and the way i feel about myself and we haven't even met in person yet!

Ruby Brown

Graciela Arredondo

You give me a sense of peace and security. For some reason you have given this peace and confidence. With my first daughter, i was mortified and frantic about losing the weight. This time around you have taught me i can do it, to be confident in my ability and my determination. You taught me to love me body and be at peace with my restults. I saw so much growth over the last 3 years with you and every time i had a goal we reached it. You knew how to adjust my workouts/ meals to make it happen. I cant believe my glutes grew so beautifully with you!

Laura Mendiola

The most growth in my glutes and thighs as well as a slimmer waistline i have ever had was on her program. I literally could go on and on about her training. I am so thank ful to have you as my trainer.

Rachel Garcia

It was the little things you said that made a huge impact. Sticking to a schedule. Waking up when that alarm goes off at 4 am. Writing things down. Your program was the perfect jumpstart i needed. Not going to lie, change is always hard. I truly had to trust the process, and now i can't stop. thank you thank you thank you!

Telisa Munoz

You are such a blessing and i loove how much you push my in sessions, guide me with growth (menatally, physically, and spiritually)!! Everybody should have a "Cristina".

Andrea Gonzalez

Another girl stopped me in the gym this morning and asked me how much weight I'd lost and said that I am looking so good! Thank you for all that you do. It really does make all the difference.

Aimee Ecton

I just want to share my excitement with you. Last night i went out and wore a cute, revealing crop top and actually felt comfortable showing half my stomach.

Ashley Castaneda

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